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ceramara strategy
Strategic program in each set is the result of thinking and trying to set according to his understanding of the executives of the weaknesses and strengths of the organization. So the output is a project set in different time intervals will no doubt lead to dramatic improvements. In fact, can be such as that any organisation that has projects to improve into the definition it is better to do this in the process of strategic planning done, with different sources specified the priority of implementing each.
Other benefits of the investment strategy can be outlined as follows:
1.Accelerate the achievement of sustained
2.profitability of existing markets
3.accelerate new products and services to achieve and
4.maintain excellence
Strategy priorities of ceramara co
1. Increase your market share and market development
2. Detect and update the Production Technology
3. Diversify production
4. Development are
5. A focus on products with high added value and technological products
6. Improve staff productivity and efficiency and reducing waste
7. Development and promotion of domestic suppliers through education and collaboration
8. Promoting science

eramara Company fundamental values
1 - Respect for customers and customer-oriented
2 - Commitment to professional and ethical values - honesty and fairness - trust
3 - Health and Safety Work
4 - The importance of quality
5 - Environmental Protection
6 - Knowledge
Ceramara MISSION
1 - obtain the results of baking tile design innovation, design, packaging and other products and services through expanded research and development
2 - to increase production capacity up to 12 million pieces per year
3 - In order to effectively generate good profits in the interests of stakeholders (shareholders, customers, stakeholders, community)
4 - active participation in domestic and foreign markets
5 - Purchase of new technology and differentiated products to gain more market share
6 - to provide quality services to attract customers and enhance customer satisfaction through training and management skills and knowledge of managers and employees
7 - To ensure continuous improvement in processes



ceramara landscape
1 - the most prestigious and capable of firing tile company specialized in the Middle East
2 - Use of knowledge and new technologies and innovations in design and manufacture quality products
3 - create value for customers and the trust of loyal customers and first choice of customers, and improve after-sales service
4 - The observance of the principles of ethics to strengthen its organization based on the relationship that we have with their beneficiaries in accordance with the amount of bands has always been the environmental commitment and sincerity properly.
5 - In the next five years with the most votes Ceram Industries brand (brand) in tile production of cooking and is a name known in the Asian markets.

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